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Ebmpapst-依必安派特 的哲学思考

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Ebmpapst-依必安派特 的哲学思考


l   Every new product we develop must be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor.

l  GreenTech follows a firm philosophy.

l  GreenTech is pro-active development.

l  GreenTech is eco-friendly production.

l  GreenTech is acknowledged and certified.

l  GreenTech pays off for our customers.



Ebmpapst is world market leader for energy-saving fans and motors. Its headquarter is located in Germany and has over 49 sales office worldwide. It is found on 1963 and owns more than 12500 people home and abroad including employees for R & D, sales, purchasing, production, shipment and services and also administration.  Its core competitiveness includes motor technology, aerodynamics and electronic. They move air intelligently and quietly, setting new standards in drive engineering in the process. They strive for perfect application solutions for a wide variety of sectors. In addition to major product series, they also produce to satisfy individual customer requirements. This company is specialized in developing products for ventilation and drive engineering. With passion to make prefect product, ebmpapst is and has been striving for better and sustainable world in terms of economy and ecology. To sum up, ebmpapst is a green company in every aspect.

  Philosophically speaking, the every new product made by ebmpapst is almost economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor. For example, the compact fan is better than dc fans. The AC maxx fans are much better than normal AC fans in terms of efficiency, performance and noise. The ordinary AC fan in big size can’t compete with the AC HyBlade. What’s more, the EC HyBlade axial fan runs even quieter, more powerful and longer than normal EC fans. Mostly important, the RadiCal, RadiPac and RadiFit series runs much well than normal EC fans. To take all products into consideration, each new product is developed from and based on its predecessor. The new product is not only the result of optimization of the old one, but also different from the former in every way. Especially, the new EC fans are designed and manufactured according to philosophy of GreenTech and the Erp2015. Also, the EC fans are widely certificated for CE, UL and TUV and others. Also, the products made by ebmpapst are customized and available for OEM and ODM options. To sum it up, all products from ebmpapst are intelligently designed and professionally manufactured.

  On the other hand, products from ebmpapst are industry-oriented and future-oriented. For instance, there are BLDC fans for commercial vehicles, Axicool for refrigeration, EC/AC centrifugal fan for air-conditioning, EC Axial Fan for agricultural ventilation and fans and gear motors for solid fuel heating systems. Although these products are different in name and application, they are mostly designed and made on the basis of EC technology and drive engineering. Moreover, all products from ebmpapst are not only well-designed for any industry, but also ecologically and environment-friendly manufactured.

  Last but not the least, the key part of philosophy of ebmpapst is GreenTech EC technology. With it, products from ebmpapst are useful, marketable and profitable. The GreenTech idea reflects a simple but clear philosophy that goes back to our company principle: “Each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology.”

What is more, GreenTech EC is sustainable and powerful. It means energy and resource used on ebm fan and motors is renewable and reproducible, which makes sure that single packing of resource on each fan and motor is highly optimized and centralized.  GreenTech also stands for intelligent economy with maximum energy efficiency in the production process. This represents the employees from ebmpapst can enjoy convenient life and save charge of fuel every day. GreenTech also set standard of today and even future. The each GreenTech product is widely accept by public and wins many awards worldwide. Lastly, GreenTech is profitable and saves money for customers. Because the GreenTech sets standard of today and even future and are Erp 2015 certified, the customers can benefit from it every day. So in all, GreenTech is proactive, eco-friendly in technology of motor technology, aerodynamics and electronic. Also, it is sustainable, profitable and ecological today and even in the future. 


Note: this is website of ebmpapst:


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