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1.      无题. 李商隐






It is hard to meet while so is parting,

The eastern wind blows softly numberless flowers dropped.

Spring silkworm until its death spins silk from love-sick heart,

And candles but when burnt out have no tears to shed.

At dawn I’m grieved to think your mirrored hair turns grey;

At night you would feel cold while I croon by moonlight.

To the three fairy hills it is not a long way,

Would the blue birds oft fly to see you on the height!



2.      荷叶杯. 韦庄



Tune: Cup Made of Lotus Leaf

Can I refind the matchless mistress of my own

Who did enthrall the crown?

Where can we meet

Again beneath flowers sweet?

How can I bear

To think of her sad pair

Of distant hill-like brows so fair!


Idly I veil the golden phoenix on the screen

So green;

It seems

Like fading dreams.

The silken curtains fall

In empty painted hall.

No message can be sent to pathless sky;

Seeing familiar windows close, I sigh.


3.      蝶恋花. 冯延巳



The Butterfly in Love of the Flowers

The courtyard is deep, deep, so deep;

It’s veiled by smokelike willows heap on heap,

By curtain on curtain and screen on screen.

Leaving his saddle and bridle , there he has been

Merrymaking. From my tower his trace can’t be seen.


The third moon now, the wind and rain are raging late;

At dusk I bar the gate.

But I can’t bar in spring.

My tearful eyes ask flowers, but they fail to bring an answer;

I see red blossoms fly over the swing. 

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