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1. 虞美人. 李煜



The Beauty Yu

When will be the end, spring flowers and autumn moon?

How many old days do I recall.

Yesterday the attic is filled with eastern wind,

Under moonlight the old state can’t be back called.


The carved railings and jade inlays be there should,

Only the face is changed.

If you ask me how sorrowful I can be?

Just like the spring river flows eastwards.



2.       雨霖铃. 柳永



Tune: Bells Ringing in the Rain

The cold cicada sadly cries, against the pavilion late at night, with pouring rain just stops.

Having no emotion to drink wine among curtains by Du Gate, being attached, where my boat is leaving.

Holding hands in tears, we choked speechless.

Thinking of leaving, smoke-waves spread along thousands of miles, dense mist at dusk melts into sky wide.


Since old days the passionate poet is bidding farewell in sadness, worse still, on clear and cold autumn days!

Where shall I wake from being drunk this night?

The place is full of willows with wind at dawn and waning moon.

I will leave this place for years; the view in good days won’t be appreciated.

Even there are amorous feelings, with whom can it be told?



3.      渔家傲. 范仲淹





Tune: Pride of Fishermen

The autumn comes on frontier in scene changed,

The wild geese left for Hengyang in no mood.

Shouts echo on all sides along the border when the bugle blows;

Amid a thousand mountains,

In the spreading mists and the setting sun, the lonely citadel is closed.

With a cup of poor wine, away from home in thousands of miles,

The Huns have not yet been conquered, I have no power to go home.

The Tartar flute comes wailing over a land frost-bound;

One can hardly sleep

The general’s white hair and the soldiers’ tears. 

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