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Our Family Creed

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Our Family Creed


Bestowed from our ancestors, there are principles,

That guide us for better living,

Centered on pursuit of freedom, equality, and happiness,

So that each one has hopes and dreams thriving.

Therefore no matter how hard the way can be,

Human beings march forward still.



In the view of history, the ancestors went through and lived by principles which are made of kindness, love and tolerance. By these creeds, men and women earned a living and lived a life as best as they could. Hence, I shall list these creeds below:

Among all principles, the first and foremost ones that I whole heartedly suggest are industry and thrift. Without industry and thrift, people can never do anything in terms of body and soul. With industry, people are able to create the life rich in material. With thrift, people can own a life of spiritual abundance. With both, people can live a life full of happiness.

Besides, people nowadays need patience and tolerance to live in this world. In our times, facing the harsh reality, we need patience to adjust into it otherwise we will get lost in the rapid change of society and can’t have a steady and peaceful state of mind in deal with oneself and others. Patience teaches us to understand the vicissitude of things and instructs us to know how to deal with the change of human heart. While patience speaks to the mind, tolerance goes directly to the heart. In the view of the human world, people have to work to make a living and hence need to bear the suffering of work and human misery, such as disease and death. In the real world, people tend to become wild and crazy for making money and owning power. It is good because it is needed while it is bad as it drives people to act illegally and to do something mad. Based on this, people need to have tolerance to accept the vicissitude of things and also the reality of life. And this is the second part of our family creed.

Apart from these characters, love and simplicity constitute another part of our family creed. The love, on earth, mainly means love of nature and love of family life. With the rapid development of technology and society, our daily life is mingled with too much desire and tempt from industry and machines. Although we have to deal with harsh reality, we should adjust ourselves into it and also embrace the nature. For the modern people, love of nature is needed to keep the heart from modern society full of desires. By merging oneself with nature in body and soul, one can live a peaceful and happy life. If the nature can lead us to understand of the harsh reality and to be free from the dangers and desire of the machined world, the love of family life can provide us a place to rest and enjoy happiness for both the body and soul. Generally speaking, all good men and women do love family, so are our family members. Owning a family, humans won’t be lost in the world full of desires and always have a direction to lead the heart to march forward. Also, a family life can give people a place to enjoy the taste of family so that he or she won’t be troubled and bothered by the vicissitude of things and the evils of the human world.  If love provides a shelter for us, the simplicity defines what we are. Simplicity doesn’t mean we should remain poor and I am all for the material abundance. But, being rich can’t provide us real happiness. Even there is, the sense of happiness doesn’t last long. With a simple heart, one can deeply taste the blessing of human life. The material abundance can only ensure us to get quick ways to have happiness and comfort but doesn’t provide real and long enjoyment that a simple heart can give. Simplicity is directly related to humanity and the goodness of human heart. And also it is major part of Chinese civilization. One may not have material wealth but he is rich in spirit with a simple heart.

To sum up, our family creed makes up the Tao of our family life. In this way, our family lasts long and will be like flowers in full bloom forever.


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