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Of Spirit

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Of Spirit

The most important part of all,

That men learnt from nature,

Is the spirit of being worshipped or the will,

As it perfect mankind and develop their potential,

Without it men shall be wondering souls,

Lost in forest of fame, power and wealth,

Which leads men to wrong course,

And destroys their happiness and delights.


It is something that everyone should own and cling to it. It is something that each one finds happiness and enjoyment from it. It is something that every life owns freedom and eternity from it. It sums up the goodness of human heart and morality of each individual; and we call it spirit.

The best way to have spirit is to believe in it, like one who has belief and holds it as one clings to some faith by daily practise. The second way to deal with it is to have and own it, like one who has knowledge and will own it if it is useful. The third and lowest way to have spirit is to inquiry and seek after it but doubt to have it. Therefore, the best way for anyone to have spirit is to believe in it as one who has beliefs.

Regarding spirit, it can be summed up by two parts, that means the Tao of life and the Tao of universe. The Tao of life means the moral thoughts and doing of one in every moment. That is to say, he will live every day in accord with laws divine and human. The divine part refers to his unselfish contribution and boundless love, which also can be called ultimate concern. The human part refers to his religious way of living, ideal thinking of every side of life and also every words and deed in line with human goodness and morality. The Tao of universe includes similar things of the Tao of life but its essence is more profound and rich than it. The Tao of universe is like the sun which gives and doesnt request any returns. The sun unselfishly provides sunshine for everything and all mortal things live and grow based on it. The air all living things breath comes from green planets and the water all things drink and suck comes from the clouds. That is to say, the sunshine all mortal things bath, the air all things breath and the water all living things drinks all result from the spiritual laws. And this law comes from Tao of universe and ends in it. Therefore, the Tao of life and the Tao of universe lives in circles and ends in eternity.

Since the essence of spirit is Tao of life and Tao of universe, the spirit is manifested in various ways which include the sound, picture, words and videos in terms of space and time. The sound appeals to the time and the change of time means the appearance of sound and carries the boat of sound to destination of various landscapes. The picture appeals to the space and it speaks to the eyes which is linked to the the heart. The words appeal to both of the space and time. And words is more inclusive than other way of expression in depth and width. And also it lasts and tried by times. Lastly, the video is three-dimensional and can be presented in whole to the eyes and the mind, but it takes too much space.

To sum up,  the spirit is collection of human goodness and soul, and also the spiritual laws of the universe. And it is manifested in various ways and each way has its advantage and disadvantage. But I believe there is better way to express it and it waits your eyes to find it. 

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