linnea4521  (姓名: linnea)

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  • 创建:2011-11-29
  • 登录:2013-10-27
  • 性别:
  • 生日:1992年1月10日
  • 血型:A
  • 婚恋:非单身

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更新于 12-08

ian  and  nina
ian and nina

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更新于 12-05

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  • 12-08 17:28 tattos

    i like tattos .but i dont have one  on my body .i will have one someday .my friend have a nice ink .lol .it must be painful .yeah it is indeed .
  • 12-08 17:21 to ian

    my dear damon .today is ur birthday matter who you r .i love u forever and always. if i know what is love ,thats cz of u .lol. come on .guys .i
  • 12-05 14:16 You Are the Inspiration

      Here we go, i know i love you so much --the british english .im fall in love with you at the first sight.i have crush on you .i just cannot re
  • 12-04 13:23 hero

    (Let me be your hero .) Would you dance If I asked you to dance? Would you run And never look back? Would you cry If you saw me crying? And wou

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