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  • 11-05 11:07 人们为什么喜欢八卦

    Gossip is not only something women are adept at. 不止女人会八卦。 It is something that you find replete in the work circuit as well. Yes,
  • 11-04 21:57 english

    fill someone's shoes接替某人的职位 It will be difficult to fill his shoes. He did a great job.   If the shoe fits, wear it! 如果是真
  • 11-04 21:55 english

    fashionista赶时髦的人   Work it!把你的神情,味道都表现出来   Lady Gaga is rockin' that dress!把这个裙子穿得很好看! You
  • 11-01 19:44 composition of ielts

    Since almost every adult in our society has their jobs, the impact of their jobs on their individual life should never be forgotten. Take the sati
  • 11-01 18:41 雅思作文

    .5 分范文: Nowadays, there are lots of advertisements on television or on the streets. Some people think that the advertising boosts the

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