wanglingzhi102  (姓名: 林雪)

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  • 03-01 10:06 hi, everyone, I am back

    My english level is poorer than ever before. I have get back China for more than one year. I still remember the scene that I lived in UK last y
  • 08-31 03:22 Give me suggestion

    It is for a long time that i do not come this website. Now i am already in Britain for more than one month. I will stay here until next year;however
  • 05-28 22:54 big pressure can i do that? everyone around me is fighting their CPA exam.i can't lag behind.keep on moving!
  • 05-03 22:40 写现在的生活

  • 05-02 17:00 boring labor day

    recently i am too busy with exams related to my major to come here to update my dairy. i had been preparing to go to wuhan to meet my friends in lab

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