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  • 08-28 17:15 亲爱的过去,请别再后面拍打我的肩膀了,我不想再回头

    1、I don’t need a perfect one. I just need someone who can make me feel that I’m the only one. 我不需要那个人有多完美。我只是需要那个
  • 07-09 10:47 ...

    呃... 为什么描述好友印象最多只能用四个字哩? 偶有好多好多要说的勒... 偶文学又不咋地,精辟的词语想不出来哇...... 昂昂... 独有空郁闷~~~
  • 05-08 14:09 Mother's day~~

    Mother's day is coming. Give my best wishes to you,my mother. Hope you in good health ...
  • 04-27 13:39 happy day

    I'm happy today.because I do a business.Although not a big one...
  • 04-24 11:16 hi

    hello friends! I'm a new comer here.I feel so happy that can join the famify... I'd like to make many many friends here sincerely. To study

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